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What's In Your Hand?

File: Sermon_Aug1-2_2015.pdf

Wheat... Weeds... No Worries

Audio File: Sermon07-26-152ndaudio.m4a (38.80MB)

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A Caleb Generation

Audio File: Sermon07-19-152ndaudio.m4a (34.03MB)

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The Difficulty of Loving People

Audio File: Sermon07-12-152ndaudio.m4a (26.60MB)

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Encounters with Jesus

Audio File: 070515_2nd_audio.mp3 (33.31MB)

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What Now?

Audio File: Sermon6-28-152ndaudio.mp3 (39.69MB)

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The Underdog Principle

Audio File: Sermon06-21-152ndaudio.m4a (35.59MB)

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It's All Good | The Book of Acts

Audio File: Sermon06-14-152ndaudio.m4a (36.10MB)

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'Till Death Do We Part' | The Book of Acts

Audio File: Sermon06-07-153rdaudio.m4a (39.79MB)

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Better Together | The Book of Acts

Audio File: Sermon05-31-153rdaudio.m4a (39.62MB)

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