Estate Planning 

As you consider your financial commitment to the Lord's work, you might want to consider estate planning.  Many sincere committed Christian people have not made provision for God in their will and estate planning.  Now is a good time.  It can be as simple as including a provision in your will that 10 percent of the value of your estate will be donated to the church at time of your passing.  Or, it could involve a planned gift such as a charitable remainder trust.  These legacy gifts are meaningful gifts that come from faith commitment to carry on the work of the church for future generations.

As a steward of the Lord's gifts entrusted to you, now is the time to plan for the distribution of your assets after your death.  Ask yourself these questions:

1. What plans have I made to distribute my assets after I'm gone?

2. Will my children receive more than is good for them?

3. Does my estate plan include a gift to Trinity and other charities?

4. Will the IRS be the single largest beneficiary of my estate? (They could be, unless you legally direct part of your estate to government approved charitable organizations.)

Do you have retirement accounts?  If so, you should know that tax deferred accounts such as IRA's, 401k's, 403b's, and others are only income tax deferred, not tax forgiven.  Leaving these balances to your children will present an income tax burden.  If, however, they are left to a charity such as Trinity Church, the full value of the gift without income taxes assessed can be passed on to Trinity Church.

Lifetime Planned Gifts: Trinity Church receives planned gifts.  You can fund current ministry efforts and provide a lifetime consistent income for yourselves through the prudent purchase of a Charitable Gift Annuity with Trinity Church, using cash, stock, or property.  You can name Trinity church as a beneficiary as part of your will or estate planning.  It may be that you are interested in some other method of distribution of your assets now or in the future.

Gift Acceptance: Trinity Church accepts current gifts of cash, transfer of stock, and, with prior agreement, gifts of real property.

Gifts of Stock: Can easily be transferred electronically directly to our stockbroker:
Fidelity Investments

The DTC# of the brokerage is 0226, and the Trinity Church account number is #Z49169323

Note: Please tell us if you transfer stock to Trinity.  Electronic transfers do not always include the name of the donor.

Our legal name: If you or your estate planning professional wishes to know the formal name of what is commonly known as Trinity Church, please refer to the following:

Trinity Church of Lubbock, Inc.
7002 Canton Ave.,
Lubbock, TX 79413

IRS Tax Exempt 501c3 number: 75-1372891

Thank you for remembering Trinity Church in your will.