Kidsplace Parent Baptism Resources

What we have learned is that the decision to believe in Jesus, live for Him, and be baptised is more meaningful and special when it is done with a parent or family member, so we have made these resources available for you to be the spiritual leader in your own home!

The Kidsplace team has created many valuable resources to help you talk to your child about some very important steps in their spiritual journey. 

Please click and download the file below and use it to speak to your child about their relationship with Jesus.  It is important that you DO NOT give the printed file to your child, but that you use it for yourself to start a conversation that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

After you have used this tool and you feel that your child is ready for the next step of Baptism, please complete the form below to sign up for Baptism class. This class will take place on the third Wednesday of the Month in the lower floor at 6:15PM.  Your child’s Baptism date will be assigned after attending our Baptism class.

STEP 2 : Child Baptism Class Sign-up Form