Podcast Instructions


  1. Go to www.apple.com/itunes/ to download the free iTunes software.
  2. Install iTunes on your computer. If you need help you can visit Apple’s support page: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes


Click here to visit us on the iTunes store.


Once you have the iTunes software installed, you can set it up to automatically download the podcast:


        1. Go to www.ipodder.org to download the free iPodder software.
        2. Install iPodder on your computer by double-clicking on the file you downloaded from iPodder.org.
        3. Once you have the iPodder software installed, you can set it up to automatically download the podcast:
        • Go under the “Tools” menu and click on the “Add a fee” menu item.
        • Enter the Podcast URL http://www.trinitytoday.com/xml/podcasts/09100750.xml and click the “Save” button.
        • Go under the “Tools” menu and click on the “Scheduler” menu item.
        • Click the checkbox that says “Enable scheduler” so that the box is checked off.
        • Either select “Check at specific times” and set the time or select “Check at regular intervals” and set the interval. 6. Click the “Save” button.

        Podcasting FAQ

        1. What is a podcast? Podcasts are like magazine subscriptions. When you sign-up for a magazine (podcast) subscription, you know that a publisher (podcaster) is going to periodically send a magazine to your mailbox (computer). Now after a magazine is delivered, it sits in your mailbox until someone takes it out and puts it on the kitchen table (iTunes or iPodder). You then decide when and where you want to read the magazine. And you always have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.
        2. I click on the link and nothing happens. Why? You need a podcatcher application like iTunes or iPodder to subscribe to a podcast. You’ll also need an mp3 player application like iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp or Real Player to listen to the audio file.
        3. Can I use a Podcast reader other than iTunes or iPodder? Yes. You may use any podcast capable RSS reader. We recommend either iTunes or iPodder. The link to the RSS feed is: http://www.trinitytoday.com/xml/podcasts/09100750.xml
        4. Do I need an iPod to listen to the files? No. Podcasts can be listened to on your computer or on any mp3 player. However, the iPod integration with iTunes is superb.
        5. How frequently will you update? Updates will be available weekly, usually on Mondays.
        6. What format are the audio files in? The audio files in this podcast are encoded in mp3 format at around 60kbps.