God has provided for his people over many generations. We believe that sharing testimonies of how He has supernaturally transformed our lives and provided for us is a great way to bring hope and encouragement to others. Take a moment and share with us your TESTIMONY of what God has done in your life.

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Recent Testimonies

Thanks so much for your Angel Food ministry.  Trinity Church is so helpful and kind and is to be commended. Susan Summers does an excellent job as director.

My son always comments on how friendly you are and he can't believe that it is your "policy" ( a ministry to me ) that you carry his order to the car.  I know one month his alarm clock did not go off and since it was a LARGE order, one lady took the order to her house and kept calling until she got ahold of my son.  She let my son go to her house on SAT afternoon and pick it up.  WHAT A MINISTRY

David Rice

Pastor Toti and Trinity Church,

I wanted to take a quick moment and give a testimony of an answered prayer (feel free to read this in the services if you would like to).  I am a graduate student at Tech in Industrial Engineering and I will be graduating this May.  I finished my undergrad at Tech in December 2008, and while I had several job offers at that time, I decided to stay and do my masters now rather than waiting a few years.  Since then, the bottom has obviously fallen out of the economy, especially in terms of jobs for new hires.  Since last September, I have been extensively pursuing any and every opportunity for employment upon graduation with no success.  I had one offer in January, but it was rescinded the next day as corporate cancelled the training program I would have gone into.  It goes without saying it has been a trying 7½ months.  I a planning person so there have been times when the fear that no job would come has gripped me.  I spent many nights discouraged from receiving no’s from companies, and quite frankly, being both frustrated and angry with the Lord.  I wanted to put him into my equation for success on my time.  Throughout this spring semester, however, I have grown and learned through the trial.  I was reminded that any and all good things come from Him and that I am utterly dependent upon his mercy and grace.  Last week at the 11:30 service when you felt moved to pray for employment I raised my hand.  My girlfriend was next to me and said, “I was just praying for that too,” so I opened up and received the prayers.  After that, I had a peace that this week would be the week.  Today, I am elated to say that Tuesday I received two fantastic job offers and that the dry spell is gone!  Not only did God answer the prayers, but he opened the flood gates of blessings and now I have to option to choose which opportunity will be the best for me!

While both of these will take me away from Lubbock and Trinity, I am so grateful for the Lord’s blessings and this congregation’s faithfulness in believing and in prayer.

And now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

God Bless,
Tyler T. Thompson

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November '07, and I am done with all my treatments and scans I have felt so good and fantastic all through this I KNEW HE WAS ALWAYS CARRING ME THROUGH THIS HARD TIME IN MY LIFE.I want to thank everyone that has prayed for me and my family. I have two small children (8yrs old and 4yrs old) I was very scared when I was diagnosed but The Holy Spirit was with me through everything..Thank you for everything and all the prayers Trinity has been there for us!! I will have more scan this summer and I'm sure they will be fine again..and forever more..He has restored by body and my health..


This is the song in my heart and my testimony,


During my recent illness, the Lord placed this message in my heart, blessed and delivered me to a higher level of praise and adoration.  HE gave me a glimpse during those quiet times of HIS power to rule over pain and discouragement and blessed me with healing. My prayer is that this testimony could also bless you today.

Carol Reynolds

Recently I found myself writing again and spending time thinking about all the things God wants me to accomplish. I had always thought that John 14:6 (I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light) was a salvation scripture until I really studied it out. It provides a beautiful picture of our every day lives and points a path to our ministry. Let me explain; I found Ephesians 5:1-18 in which we are told to "Walk in God's Love", "Walk in the light of Jesus Christ" and to "Walk in wisdom through the Holy Spirit". So in the Holy Trinity, my path is made easier. That is the Way talked about in John 14:6. I am working now on the "Truth" in that scripture and eventually "Life".

Dave Dawson

We sold our house in 5 days. During this year we still had many challenges we had to overcome. Cade was still very sick, I ended up having 2 back surgeries, Chris was looking for a new job, we had sold our home and I was holding down 3 job titles at work. But Chris and I both knew we could only get through all of it with God's help we could not do it all alone. We paid our tithes every Sunday. Trust me there were many times I was writing the check and believing that God would give us the money to pay daycare the next day. During this trying time we were never late on payments and we always had the money for medicine, daycare and all the other needs you have for two children. We were not supposed to be paid off until July 2008. We closed on our new house the ends of August and we are now debt free. We just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and praise God for all that he has done for our family. Without God none of this would have happened. We had to "Let go and Let God!" and that is what we did.

God Bless,
Chris and Stacey Walton

I am grateful to God for saving grace. As a pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Liberia,West Africa, I have been praying for spiritual growth of the Church which I struggle with years, but I want to bless God for the powerful work He is doing now in our lives. Our spiritual conditions were not good but God is now transforming lives.I ask that pray along with me. Another prayer request we are offering to have some our oversea brothers to come down to us and encourage us through God's word.

Pastor Joe