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2012 NEWS

Packing Dehydrated Food From Breedlove

TOC had volunteers pick up 24 barrels of dehydrated food product from Breedlove. Each barrel contains about 150 bags and each bag contains approximately 50 servings - that is about 180,000 servings of food! We transported the food to a warehouse at Link Ministries. The College Ministry interns and volunteers met us February 4 to sort the food and repackage it into rodent proof tubs from Global Samaritan. Over 60 tubs (90,000 servings) are now on a shipping container in Abilene, awaiting shipment to Zimbabwe. An additional 16 tubs (24,000 servings) are going to Mexico. We have also shared with local ministries.

Lubbock Country Community Corrections Facility Ministry

We are celebrating the baptism of 13 men at the Lubbock County Court Residential Treatment Center this past weekend. Join us in praying for these precious men.

The Center is a court ordered residential treatment center for men on probation and currently houses about 170 residents. Most are non-violent offenders who are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. The men attend classes, obtain employment, and work toward successful completion of the program while they are there. They live in dormitories and gain additional privileges as they work their program. It is a second chance. Many would go to prison if not for this program.

The men at LCCRTC are hungry for the word of God! We are currently looking for individuals who have a heart for this type of ministry. We would like to offer a weekly bible study program to the guys. God is moving in a mighty way! We want to offer them the support and encouragement they need to grow in Christ!

Simple Acts Ministry

Simple Acts Ministry was founded in 2004. It began with a vision to minister not only to prison inmates but also to ex-offenders who are making a transition into the free world. From establishing a Faith Based prison dorm, to opening a hospitality house for recovery and reentry, Simple Acts is working strategically to be part of the solution.

One of Simple Act’s most exciting projects is the creation of “SAM’s Place,” a faith-based hospitality house that will provide a 9-12 month live-in program for up to 20 men who’ve been recently released from prison. Their program is designed to equip them with skills for recovery, responsibility and productive reentry into the free world.

SAM’s  aim is for each man to graduate from SAM’s Place with these goals in place:

            1. Sobriety as a Lifestyle
            2. Sustainable Employment
            3. Spiritual Community
            4. Strength of Character
            5. Service as a Practice

Residency is offered to those who agree to make a continual investment in their spiritual growth. Each man will work with a mentor, attend weekly classes, recovery meetings and church services, as well as adhere to other requirements designed to keep them on the right track. SAM's Place residents will be expected to pay rent and find employment during their stay.

Trinity Outreach Center is proud to partner with SAM in preparing the duplexes for the men. We are acting as a clearinghouse for all the household furnishings – everything from pantry staples to towels,  sheets, small appliances, etc. We are joining forces with other churches in the area to furnish the six duplexes. Donations can be made by calling 788-0501. We are setting up the prayer chapel to house donations as we sort items. Please call ahead if you are bringing a large donation.

SAM is also still in need of furniture items. If you have bunk beds, night stands, coffee tables, and a small dining table with chairs (seating 4) please consider us!

We want to make each apartment as welcoming as we can. The men will be coming out of prison with the clothing on their backs. We would like to ‘adopt’ each  resident. Many of the men, have no family locally, and we hope to offer them community. We encourage them to get plugged into a Christian support network.

Please ask God how He  wants you to be involved in this awesome ministry!

www.simpleactsministry.org     http://youtu.be/ohfVpYYi25w